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You want to limit what applications can be used in your system? Locker application is a simple program that opens these programs verhoed.Aansoek Locker is really useful for parents who want to limit their children’s use of computers, or just put some programs out of reach of other users. It is limited to installing EXE- files, so you can use the control panel, which is a shame on. But things like Firefox and Internet Explorer can be easily blocked by ogranichivayadostupinternet.daargeenLocker security applications, so anyone who opens it can unlock locked program. But if you set an administrator on your computer, and just to be usable by the administrator, will be an effective way to watumiajibendera wees.As, that they should not use a particular application, it will do the trick. It comes with the help of PDF, but is very informative! For an application to add the final list, you just have to insert the name of exe file, which is not difficult, but you can not soekvir application aware, thatvoeg.Vir security, Application Locker is an easy way to keep some programs from FO limits.

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