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Call of Duty 4

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After three installments, the Second World War, stated, Call of Duty 4 and the 21st century is changing the scene to fight the war against terrorism.

diramalkanKerana realistic mission and nature of war in the 21st century, you will be dealing with high-risk conditions Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Tacticsand enemies who are ready to face usesurprise advanced control strategies. Fortunately, the time you have a weapon equipped and your affiliates will alatyang duteterbaru.perantiterkiniada designed to cope with the new technology, at your service. In Call of Duty 4, infrared goggles, heat detectors or bulletproof vest you can use it from latestgeneration. Such a long-range rifle powerfulas rocket launcher, and you’re ready to add as thisweapons; Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare thanprevious version offers a more complex experience, not only because of the new weapons, but also some stealthoperationsyang in eginofnight dead; onlyweaponery You have to use the weight, but also penyenyapbantuan youat.Hasilnya hiding in the afternoon, the mission changes; Many of them are at night, while others require you to surprise the enemy tocatch, play to the point of offering some truly amazing conditions. In this sense, locationsin thedifferent places such as deserts, the North Sea, and many other world placesacross garrantzitsuakJoko memutarperan. He said that the Creator of the game in the modern surroundings of these have left thatbeingplungeinto fully in detail, there is nothing sebenar.kawalan memuncakSudah pertempurankeadaan over the course of a few, can be described as areoutstanding gamescontrols protagonist, and it is usually said that the overlay accuracy is impressive. It is very easy to make a heightened awareness of the enemy, it does not matter where you come from is destroyed merekasedang.

grafikoabertan war menakjubkanCall of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is amazing; The case of a war-torn city, you will find very realistic, halfdestroyed and burned, and also some stunning visual effects, smoke includingvolumetricdari explosions or shooting firearms, and trucks terbaru.The effectsinCall very precise replicas of some of the sounds of Duty 4: Modern Warfare as the only realistic. The sound of gunfire was enough to make tense, and the ability to ledakanmemiliki shake theroom, EssentialCall of Duty 4: Modern Warfare sound equipment if a betul.Modern Warfare is a must-play game. That’s just amazing graphics, soundsand most importantly, the game, Infinity Ward has changed the history of the period, leaving the Second World War is a new expereince.

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