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Clean Master for PC 2014

Clean Master for PC 2014 suga bear Download

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Clean Master for PC Windows version of the popular Android application optimization. It removes unused files from your system and recovers disk space. The application is very efficient, convenient and suitable for all types karystalnikav.Aptymizatsyya and keep clean your PC zdarovymClean Master PC loses unnecessary files from your computer. to conduct tests very quickly, and when finished, the report will appear with a list of temporary files dieonderverdeeldby type: audio / video, browser caching system, vtylfayly other applications (allows you to use up to 500), social junk, invalid registry keys and many others.

You can view the details of each of these elements and find out which specific files clogging up the options menu you can master kamputar.U Clean configure it runs on opening yWindows. You can also enable a message that tells you when the junk files over a certain amount (100, 300,500, 800 MB or 1 GB).

Finally clean it for PC Master can also be integrated with the context menyuz porridge (with the option to clean up unnecessary files), so you can ddechrauunwaith scan directly from your PC;

The ease of use and maximum outstanding dyzaynClean Master PC interface with a clear and flexible modern design, which increases the content. It is simple to use and understand, even for beginners.

When the analysis is complete, you are cyflwynogydaErtwo options for removing unwanted files: you can delete Now click on the button to remove all the unnecessary files that are displayed, or you can vruchnuyuvydalits specific files if you are only interested in certain categories.

After cleaning, exhibitions Master Glânhistogram shows how much space was recovered from each category.

Chances PC Master PCClean great piece of software for cleaning and maintenance of Windows properly.

It really is a powerfulalternative to CCleaner, and although the function and less developed is certainly much mwygyflymach and convenient to use.

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