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Command Modern Air Naval Operations Command

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Sophisticated naval operations command: Command Brexit live, you can fix it!

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Release Notes

August 23, 2016, Europe’s political and economic of the scaffold

downstream effects of Britishdecided to leave the European Union –

BREXIT. And the British pound and the euro near collapse and

Global stock markets recovered from eersteschokvan

britanskiotdvizhenje. European-based companies and stock exchanges

chaos as they try to negotiate a way out of the new reality

It’s neighborhoodthe continent at a very stormy summer

Several weeks after the British vote, France, Denmark and Italy begin their

own referendums to go through with a derogation from Article 50 of the EU

Greece still precarious economic and jitter pressure

hundreds of thousands of refugees streamedall

MiddellandseZeewerd Dawish forced an election campaign

Portugal and Spain have little economic benefits they did file

In recent years taken to monetary disaster that is

they become very difficult. Eastern Europe more

hard line»In response to refugees and urged EU government

Brussels has many difficult questions of fish costs and benefits of fish


And the Scottish National Party, which is in the process of organizing

A 2nd referendumnaardie United Kingdom and separatists in baskiskataostavajkjiSpain

now leads the few remaining supporters euros. even Turkey

I stopped to ask a member of the EU for the first time in decades

Meanwhile, the US is facing one of the most divisive and violent

election campaigns in history, with dozens, if not hundreds

protestersarrested in a political event and the number of

politically motivated murder is a shock to the world and

binnelandsepolitieke establishment

Doordeze turmoil, NATO decision-makers deal with

collage of collective defense initiatives in the Baltic and Ukraine

As reinforcement for the next operationBaltic Air policing «and

training missions in the Baltic States and Ukraine; multinational

Brigade, led by the four nations and includes soldiers from five

spread over four countries (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland) is

considered decision. Although anemia assessed bymost experts places

America, Britain, Canada Duitseenvojnici in the Baltic countries

involvement in the region, that if Russia were to fall will be

attacking the whole alliance not only to local forces

Turbulence is missed by Russia. NATO destabilized

policythe whole idea of ​​a coherent chain of command

ability to respond quickly to the proceedings. Baltic countries (Latvia

Lithuania and Estonia) Isal has long been a thorn in

Russian Federation: Ethnic they have large ruskinaselenie;

strategischisoleren wrench Kaliningrad defenseBaltic;

policy, they should never be allowed to slip into NATO

sphere of influence. Maybe this is the ideal opportunity for the right

abuses of the past and to put renewed energy when and where NATO

at its weakest. If the Baltic States may be taken in the short1-2 day

campaign without wipvan the world to another world conflict and NATO

perhaps never recover. There is a short window of mozhnostipred

Multinational Brigade deployed if it involved only a few planes and

No NATO ground forces, it is much easier to de-escalate

secondscenario is that no BREXIT, no problem! «It will reflect

coherent, non-destabilizing response NATO


Two scenarios simulate the response of the Faculty of NATO in Russian

invalvan Baltic states within two different situations: 1)

delayed European response tospeculate about political complications

prichinaod BREXIT and monitoring branches, and; 2) If BREXIT

gebeurenen / or Europe come quickly grasp the new reality

NATO will respond in a coherent way the crisis

Intense air and naval conflict in the narrow and shallow

waters of the Baltic Sea

implementationthe boat bases with retractable criteria boats

packed mission to leave and re-arm or repair to return to port

damage. Extensive use of Lua script to add strength to fight as

politichkitese situation develops

Some of the most modern equipmentin use; F-22 Eurofighter

Tyfoongekenmerkte fight alongside the Russian SS-26 Iskander

Short-range ballistic missile system S-400 SAM SM-3 – Theatre

Ballistic missile defense missiles and some of the latest and

most capable ships were presented to NATO and the inventory of the Russian Federation

The possibilityFinland and Sweden, entering the fight as NATO

problems, but on the basis of random chance to provide more



The game is made independent, updated and equipped with all previously cast



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