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Counter Strike Xtreme CS 1

Counter Strike Xtreme CS 1 Torrent Download

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Counter Strike Xtreme is one of the best mods that can be found in CS Even better, it’s free!

What Counter Strike Xtreme Mod title says it all: his version of Counter Strike expanded to extreme levels. This revision includes loads of characters, weapons, was one of the first mods includeCS Zombie mode, and still has a way to Santo. O, and remember the robot!

What modAquí go, quick pregledNekoi animals better ways to Counter Strike Xtremes.GhostMode: facerinvisible casual players and can be killed with a knife strange twist, but fun to fórmula.Zombie mode 3: One of the infected userswithin 40 seconds of the game starts at etiqueta.Escenario game Zombie Infection: Zombies mode Similar to Call of Duty: Black Ops – survive hordes of zombies as level-up windows and get weapons raras.EPostojat loads more!

Strike Xtreme sempreCounter content remains king of mods for Counter Strike, everything fallsafter launch. His advice is simple: Content, content, content and more content.

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