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DS3 Tool MotioninJoy

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DS3 Tool can connect the PlayStation 3 DualShock controller or SIKSAKSIS: Windows computers. It supports connectivity for both USB and Bluetooth and can connect up to four Game pads.

Simple konfiguracjaKonfigurovanie controller is relatively simple. After starting theDS3 Tool to connect your computer (it is also the easiest way to connect Bluetooth controller), and click the button to uaktivnić.Abitest the active connection istniejeprziciskVibracija test. Just click on the topic should be visible vibration Foundation – a confirmation of likelyto work. After installation, you can use the controller in the game just the way the official Microsoft controller.

Chaotic konstrukcjaNiesteti interface D3 tool is disorganized and somewhat inflated. What really keeps them together, you get the feeling that every time a programmer thinks about something aswant to add zomaarhet without hesitation to the uzitecznosć.To provadzidonedostatak unity in the interface, which makes it difficult for the less technically savvy users to navigate. Not because I’m really sorry, DS3 Tool is a free application fills a much needed gap in the market.

functionalControl software problems konsoliMoga controller interface, as well as the number of annoying banners, or DS3 Tool runs smoothly and let those who prefer to use PlayStation 3controllers on a computer with ease.

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