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Hello Neighbor Alpha 3

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Residential suburban plain was the scene of tension and mystery Hello neighbors stealth horror game with cartoon style art unusual. In this game, you play as an intruder sneaks into the house of neighbor si.Blizki you, however, signals and will not get away with any evil. youYou will have stealth, cunning, guile and a little luck to escape the wrath of God.

predgradiyatavesel Terror, creating neighborhood colored cartoon Happy neighbors make the game environment sredanelepi steltuzhas. As the game continues, however, you begin to see that not everything in the house acrossside of the road. delving into the mystery means that your wits to prisposobyatAI, learning your options and develop new strategies to take hold. Fortunately, various objects and sections relations environment can help to confuse and distract the enemyyour. Find your neighbor, and you will find clues and tools quest to solve the mystery of what was supposed to mustakatgroznik.

Happy uzhasyavashtoAko mixture of the charm of Norman Rockwell, solve puzzles and stealth in their game, you’ll definitely want to check out good sased.TovaIt is a charming surreal atmosphere of real tension and threats bleak.

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