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Ice Age Collision Course 2016

Ice Age Collision Course 2016 free movie torrent download

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SOURCE: Q: Asian HDTV + A: LINE – Thank you!

VIDEO: 1900 Kbps XviD -2 past

Resolution: 720×400

Duration: 1h34m33sec

Captions: No.

Audio: 192 CBR AC-3 (Line)

Language: Hitman-Unstoppable

Manny, Diego, Sid and united to stop the buck, from a meteorite that would destroy the world.

Director: Mike Tёrmayer, Galen T. Chu

Writing credits Michael J. Wilson (writer) Michael Berg (screenplay)

Stars: Ray Romano, Denis Leary, John Leguizamo

Genre: Animation | Adventure |Comedy | Family | scientific

Country: United States

Language: English

thx hive

CM8 do it the first time


Video: New Russian HDCAM

Audio: English Digital Audio Line (RNP CpG)



Won the best Russian films, strange quality, almost an obstacle to quality

Nha shake, no focus problems, dark scenes are not perfect, can be considered the cams as perfect.


As already mentioned, perfect quality will only fixed brightness, contrastand RGB

SinchronisasieAudio took 12h I was not funny naogulatrymats wasseine lipsync, after 6 pm, almost I would have, but I pushed to get you through

More 6h and all lipsync.

Russian video was made with variable bit rate, it was Pete, I have the frame rate of 23-30 frames, plz guys bruikkonstante bitrate THX

Now have a job, but the result is perfect

It’s no better than getting the retail


Oh, before I forget to have a new postal address, and IGot a new team.

When we see the guys who chose material, full-HD cameras or DVD-R kry containing andOFCDVD-SCR, the English voice line, or at least a good hqmic.

You have what it takes to me under MSG / * * /

Old addies so take only the new one


Video: 720×304 @bitrate 2000 2pass

Audio: English Digital Line Audio AC3

Example: Yes included

a total of

Full name of company:

Format: AVI

Format / Info: Audio Video Interactive

File size: Gigabyte

Duration:1 hour 27 million

The total data rate of 2266 kbps

Writing Application: NanDub

Writing Library: NanDub 1853 build / publishing


ID: 0

Format: MPEG-4 Visual

Display Format: Advanced / * * /

Format Settings BVOP: 2

Format Settings Qpel: Yes

Settings, GMC: No warppoints

Settings for Matrix: Default ()

Muxing off: Packaged bitstream

Codec ID: XVID

Codec ID / Note: XviD

Duration: 1 hour 27 million

Data transfer rate: 000 Kbps 2

Width: 720 pixels

Height:304 pixels

Display aspect ratio :: 1

Image rate: FPS

Color space: YUV

Chroma sub-scan 4: 2: 0

Bit depth: 8 bits

Scan Type: Progressive

Compression mode: lossy

Bits / (pixels * frame):

River Size: UK (88%)

Writing library: Xvid (UTC 04.12.2008)


ID: 1

Format: AC-3

Format / Info: Audio Coding 3

Extension mode: CM (complete main)

Formatting options, byte order: Large

Codec ID: 2000

Duration: 1 hour 27 million

From Constant data transfer rate

Data transfer rate:256 Kbps

Channel (s): 2 channels

The channel positions: Front: L R

Sampling: KHz

Light weight: 16 bit

Compression mode: Lossy

Current Size: 160 IIB (11%)

Order: Free Hanging (In-Line) Rectangular – Housing Connectors, Interconnect Tyco Electronics

Toggle, Duration: 40 Me (Video)

Interleave, Time for loading: 500 ms

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