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Inferno 2016

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In Italy, Symbolism, Harvard professor Robert Langdon is recruited by the literary masterpieces and the crime of the mysteries of the world in the center of one of the most durable historys: Dantes Inferno. Italian amnesia hospital when he wakes up hoping to two months teams streams doctor will help him regain his memory. In this context, Langdon speak to the opponent during the battle, which very clearly the problems of skirmishes for the cold,which it derives from the classical landscape is art, the ways of the secret, and futuristicscientia.

When Robert Langdon with amnesiamaster Hospital in Italian, and the teams with Dr. Sienna Brooks, Europe, and they are at the same time in the film to the other side of the dial, a kind of global conspiracy, guilty of fraud. Academy Award winner Ron Howard, he returns to the latest bestseller by Dan Brown (The Da Vinci Code) billion dollars Robert Mercer, Inferno,what he has, he symbolism (again played by Tom Hanks) At the same unions in the signs and clues to the great Dante himself. Italianc Langdon with amnesia in the Master of the Hospital and the color Sienna Brooks (Felicity Jones), a healer, and travels in the return memory his confidence in him. And it unleash so fond of the virus that would destroy Europe via the global medium of the world.

Famous symbology Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks), follow the stepsthe clues tied to Dante, the great Roman poet. Langdon with amnesia in Italian from the master of the hospital, and the colors Sienna Brooks (Felicity Jones), a doctor who return speratmemoria requirements. The clock to prevent the mad, and walk over to Europe, and one of these (Ben Foster) will be erased from the virusunleashing the world.

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