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Iringa is a useful application for the PC that allows you to create ringtones for iPhone.Yak and other programs, create a touch of iRinger able to create custom ringtones will be for the iPhone in a snap, without having to learn how to use a complicated audio editor. Just run and iRingerdescargar can play your favorite music or video nomu.iRinger a ringtone of a soundtrack video file, which is a feature that many users will probably create value. since diemedia is imported, you zminytypisnya differentaínda.No instead of the sound choose to copy, paste or cut it, you drag the graphic within the application to set the starting point and then set the length ringtone dzvinka.iRinger included to add a lot of special effects to the melody: slow or reverse forcing some of them. They are all available in a special complex window on the left of the main interface. aangesiendie melody edited properly, all you have to do is click on «Export» and it will be saved as a arquivoM4R readyto be imported into iTunes and sync with iPhone.iRinger is a very easy way to creating your own ringtones for free photo.

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