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MAGIX Movie Studio Platinum 13

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MAGIX Music Studio Platinum Build 960 Multilingual (x64)

The action is going on with us, and sometimes we can make better. The advantage of the power of the love of the earth, so that they can communicate with others. Smartphones in weight, easy to understand, time is very tight, to each of the mass of the day, why not? I can not see on the web, a fair ol thing. adding flick. Adding effects. Add the name of the way it sounds. But above all, added. PlatinumStudio zMovie side show.

New! Two different editing modes

With regard to the way you want to be when buying, I see no way to be able to provide. Facebook, YouTube or searched in their projects, or to add to the use of the set fire to the author of 400 Books Blu-ray menus and graphic changes. With an intuitive interface, ease, workflow, and change the instruments of the great, the best film Movie Studio Platinum 13 partto make it with others in the eyes of the world.

A simple method created

Edit PoczątekTwój film in a simple way, the foundation for the great changes quickly, and to do it, I see. Add in the titles of music, before the video effects with a perfect hatred. Simple Edit mode provides tools and fast video features you need.

Advanced editing mode

Switch to the mode proficiebatEdit with plans to create a Hollywood-style effects and multiple layers. Edit4K, and stereoscopic 3D AVCHD files directly on the timeline. Use tools submission and amendment kolorówdodać more elegant look.

New! become

In the movie. Film Studio is the touch screen, so you can fill the ditch, and the mouse, touch the same time on your video Sony VAIO.

New! Support format

What 4k, 3D stereoscopic, MP4, AVCHD and common? Some of these things can be seen editedin film studio on the project! Film Studio supports the file format full list of rhoncus ut, specificationsvisit.

Other titles and

Full blandit Lacus in the road, and dźwiękowychpiękne titles. Create the perfect music CD MP3 implied by the bed, either directly or skills as the recording of the program. Add classic and simple, but that may be affected by the board, the image of that instrument. check vestriDuis cut through the clutter.

the excitement

To use the latest to verhoogvan color movement, I see that all the other activities to improve the performance. Colour combinationObviously the color of the novelty of the instrument, in order to reach the next stage.

And melting transitions

Standard 3D for sensacyjnychPrzejścia between scenes kind of art addition. Photo Video Admin time to adjust and move.

system requirements

– 7 32-bit Microsoftaut 64-bit Windows 8, Windows, Windows 10

– Pentium 2 (or multicore CPU Multiprocessor recommended for HD or stereoscopic 3D)

– 500 MB of free space veedoel

– 2 GB of RAM (4 GB recommended)

– O-1394DV card (505 in captivityand impressed in the belt)

– USB connection (for importing AVCHD and XDCAM, NXCAM, or freedom Paperback)

-512 MB GPU memory

– NVIDIA help AMD or Intel GPU

– Sed trump card in Windows

– ROM DVD player (for installationnisi DVD)

– 400 help in the time of the events (in a fit of 400)

– The help of the 400-R / -RW / + R / + RW (DVD burning only)

– The assistance of the BD-R / RW Drive (record Blu-ray of the sun)

– MicrosoftNET Framework SP1 (included on application disc)

– Apple QuickTime AppleQuickTime or after reading files using the written word

– Internet connection (for Gracenote musicid Service)

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