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Patient Zero 2017

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Premier thriller, no patient, intelligent men of war, adrenaline super-fuel-viral fatigue arises. After he was struck, a Morgan to issue a human (Matt Smith) asymptomatic understanding of it, that same is he that liveth, and as a remedy for a patient infected diwethafarHunt he thought scorn to.

Patients come to pass, in his rage, ZeroAfter the Premier of the disease outbreaks, the violent commitment of people from «wet» as a species in a language is said to be, and continue to explore, «The patience of Zero» the ability to a remedy for men to save him, his wife also is wet.

Language: English


General Date: 16, 2017


runDenbora: Not Available

Distributor: SonyPictures International Release

Cast: MatthSmith, Natalie Aquila, Stanley Tucci, John West-Bradley

Director: Stefan Ruzowitzky

Format: 2D

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