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Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

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Konami Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is the latest version of the popular football game you are playing Windows. Evoultion Pro Soccer PES 2013 looks very similar to 2012 despite the improved gameplay and graphic design as well as some subtle changes ditu.Ezaugarriak

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 took over the previous version of the manual, better than soccer simulation, but some of the elements from Arcade Action in PES 2012. FIFA 12 seems inspired to bein things, but it is not txarra.Erabilgarritasuna

ThebaizikatAn overhaul of the strict control system for PES 2012 Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Konami developer of the new control system, Call PES Fullcontrol. Fullcontrol also improves dribbling, playerat slow down the speed of the players to add different types of tight control with the R2 button, the system allows you to add.The FullControl Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 A manual control tweaks definitely improve player experience, which is the joy experienced PES fans. HoweverStill novices will be able to learn the game and play without problems from the screen izan.Taktikak, the previous version was too much – and still a little bit of a feeling. That is, in jokoaestrategiaAng a lot of changes are called cooler, in fact, the trainer instructions that appear in a small box in the corner of the screen when you call him arabera.Badira Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is even easier to get some theater- Enthusiasts. For example, canThey still effortlessly behind a defensive long balls / with a combination of chips.


Synchronized a system – Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is committed to improving the portraits of players so that their players are in the game in real buhayportatzen’PlayerID like their counterparts’ as a developer. Famous players run, turn, fall, the ball will move and Even celebrated, in real life bezala.jokalari referring to the similarities, PES 2013 is the immediate fact,That we have seen in a football game – FIFA 12 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 as a whole better than the graphics, also fantastic, get access to the details of a black kit and animation oinetakoak.Zoritxarrez players in Pro Evolution Soccer 2013Ito is variable. Turn the player’s feeling that way to unrealisticeta gadgets and throw outs are laughably exaggerated and jerks. In fact, the alleged improvements in earlier versions do not seem to have any goalkeepersJob – it really seemed more dangerous than ever Impact Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Goalie, the engine was very impressive! As on the other players and how to hang your movement (freedom), you will notice the effect. However, it is still far behind FIFA motor collision animation saklawdagokionez.Ondorioa

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