DC220 IP Network Video Decoder

DC220 IP Network Video Decoder

H.264 IP Streaming to HDMI/ SDI/ VGA Output Decoder

Kiloview DC220 HD video decoder is a professional hardware decoding device. It is capable of  independently decoding incoming streams from IP Camera, stream media server, or any encoder (based on RTSP, RTMP, RTP, unicast and multicast). The output interface can be SDI and DVI – I (HDMI/VGA). This device decodes IP video from encoders via Ethernet. DC220 video decoder has approved by CE,FCC,ISO,HDMI,etc.



Strong decoding ability, strong error-resistance, low latency.
● With Kiloview unique image enhancement and fault-tolerant technology, it has powerful error resistance for video encoded at low bitrate with up to 10% packet loss, excellent image output can be obtained.
● Decoding latency can be less than 200 ms under a typical network environment with Kiloview intelligent latency control technology.
● Decoding of H.264 encoded video and AAC/G.711 encoded audio at bitrate of 40Mbps supported.

High compatibility, SDI + DVI dual output, wide application.
● It supports RTMP/ HLS/ TS over UDP, RTSP protocols as well as SIP/ VOCP, it can also be connected with different kinds of encoding device, streaming media servers and IP cameras.
● With dual output SDI & DVI ( HDMI/ VGA compatible ), and the resolution can be self-defined.
● Outputs of SDI/ HDMI can be up to 1080p60, and VGA up to UXGA solution; 1080p/1080i 59.94 is also compatible.
● Analog audio and embedded SDI/ HDMI audio can be output simultaneously.
● Audio mixing, tally and column loudspeaker indicating design supported.

Portable size, low power consumption, multifunctional, 24h continuous operation available.
● Dimension is 138mm*105mm*27mm.
● Power consumption less than 5w.
● With image scaling function, the output video can be scaled as well as frame rate conversion, in order to adapt different output video formats.