E2 HDMI Video Encoder

E2 HDMI Video Encoder

E2 HDMI Video Encoder, Live Broadcast to IP Encoder

Kiloview E2 IPTV Encoder can deliver H.264 encoding HDMI video streams of independent IP output to various servers for IPTV application, such as Wowza Media Server, Windows Media Server , Social media platform, and some other servers based on RTSP / RTMP / HTTP / ONVIF protocols. Kiloview E2 encoder is widely applied in hotel TV system, school teaching, digital TV broadcasting, recording system,etc. E2 encoder has approved by CE,FCC,HDMI,ISO,etc.



High bandwidth adaptability, makes it possible to transmit highdefinition, low-latency, non-padding image under low bit network. 

● With branded chips solution together with video dynamic noise reduction and image enhancement technology, it can realize good encoding
image under low bit transmission. Good video image can be achieved at 1Mbps@720p, 1.5Mbps@1080p network.

● Advanced video buffering technology and FEC technology ensures video encoding delay ≤ 67ms andstable and smooth transmission.

● Adjustable bit rate from 64kbit/s~40Mbit/s.

★Note: (≤67ms) refers to the delay of the encoder end, and the end-to-end delay also relates to network, decoding, etc.


Powerful streaming media service function, supports RTSP/RTMP/TS/Onvif/SIP/GB/T281 and some other protocols.

● RTP/ RTSP/ RTMP/ HLS/ TS/ Onvif/ SIP and some other streaming media protocols supported for live broadcast on Facebook, YouTube, Ustream, Twitch, Wowza etc or security platform/ NVR system.

● Dual stream output, the main code rate up to 1080p60Hz, and the sub-stream supports 720p 60Hz video encoding.


Portable size, image and characters overlay supported with functions of voice intercom, NAS storage, loop monitoring etc.

● Portable and low power consumption makes it 24 hours continuous working available.

● Capable with customized text and image overlay function, which can be at any position on the screen.

● Audio embedding encoding supported, with voice intercom function (need to deploy voice.intercom software).

● Supports NAS network storage.

● With video real-time loop function, there is no delay and convenient for live monitoring.


Strong flexibility to support secondary development, customized service available

● Open API programming, SDK provided for second development;.
● Customization service available based on client’s needs.