Kdabra cast- 4G live stream

Kdabra cast- 4G live stream

Kdabra 3G/4G is a real-time video transmission terminal based on multi link aggregation technology and H.264/H.265 coding technology.

It is equipped with 3 built-in 4G modules and a USB expansion interface, Support for external modules: 4G/WiFi, supporting WiFi and cable network access.




: H.264/265 coding, multi link aggregation technology integrates all network links into a high bandwidth channel, transmitting high quality video signals

:: The forward error correction and dynamic rate adjustment technology ensure smooth and stable for picture transmission

:: Supporting multiple network access: 3G/4G, WIFI, LAN

:: Built in 3 units 4G modules and a USB expansion interface, simple touch screen user interface

:: Support multiple resolutions: 1920*1080, 1280*720, 720*576 and 720*480

:: According to the actual network situation, we can transform the resolution and frame rate

:: It can also support universal HDMI video interface and professional SDI video interface

:: Supporting independent audio input

:: The compact body weighs only 600 grams, Built-in battery lasts 2 hours, easy to carry

:: It can replace the external batteries without affecting the business to meet the long time outdoor work needs