Transporte de programa AM-FM (200Mhz – 960Mhz)

Transporte de programa AM-FM (200Mhz – 960Mhz)

La linea de equipamiento para transporte de programa SIELCO, ofrece una solución de alta calidad y rendimiento para su emisora, brindándole una opción confiable a un costo inigualable.



The EXC/RTX18b is a modern direct-synthesis, frequency-agile broadcast quality STL (Studio to Transmitter Link), which may be factory preset on a very wide frequency range from VHF to SHF. The design of this equipment derives from a restyling of the time and field proven EXC/RTX18 series, in a new look conforming the recent EXC30GT FM transmitter series. Both transmitter and receiver offer full digital readout and complete and intuitive front panel control through a simple single jog coupled with extensive remote programmability and monitoring. Excluding the new aesthetical look, the internal controller and other minor internal modifications, the new equipment confirm the same dimensions and the convention cooling (no fans) of the previous series.

The excellent and even better modulation characteristics, i.e. low noise, distortion and broad pass-band, the performance of the optional internal stereo-encoder and decoder, the on field programmability, makes the EXC/RTX18B a superior choice for a broadcast-grade STL, with reliable and maintenance-free operation. They also perfectly mate with external digital companding encoders/decoders.

Ordering information:-

EXC 18B/2-9 Transmitter (200 -960 MHz)

RTX 18B/2-9 Reciever (200 -960 MHz)

SEXC23COD2 Stereo Encoder (for transmitters and STL)

SRTX18DEC Stereo Decoder (for STL receivers)

Please specify your transmit frequency when placing your order.

All units are for MONO operation, unless the optional SEXC23COD2 Stereao Encoder Card and SRTX18DEC Stereo Decoder are also selected when adding the STL transmitter and reciever to the cart



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