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Do you have problems with your iPhone? Do not worry, in most cases, there is a solution: recovery mode, or reset. Previously, you could only access it by pressing a shortcut key, but RecBoot easier and all you need is one click of the mouse.

Recovery Mode is veryuseful ModusDer the IOS IOS is a solution to many problems, so access to it can help you lose the device when a firmware update comes with errors «kill» vashiPhone.Normalerweise you need a combination of keys on drückenDas make recovery iPhone. Sometimes this is not possible,especially if a broken home button on the iPhone. Thanks Recboot you can enter into recovery mode without pressing any key to eingeben.RecBoot recovery mode with three simple steps: Connect your iPhone to your computer using the USB cable, run the program and klikkemudian in recovery mode.If you no longer require this mode, simply press the iPhone restore and cut output back to its normal state.

BenutzenEs only under certain circumstances Santander recovery mode is intended for advanced users who want to perform certain transactions on your iPhone. ifyou are not sure that this mode, we recommend you do not use it, because when you turn andaiPhone betreten.Sie operating system of the heart should also know that RecBoot currently only works with computers that use 32-bit operating system. If the 64-bit, thisthe program will not work. We hope that this will be fixed in future updates to the application .A TeilVon Propyl necessary RecBoot version of ITunes or more and .NET framework.

Savior for your iPhone iPhoneRecBoot revive after it stopped working due gagalmempunyai update firmware,and it can also recover data from your phone that you thought were lost. This is very useful if you are familiar with IOS Recovery mode.

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