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Storks 2016

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Delivered by storks, or at least used to be. Now pass the parcel delivery from the stork to the top of the global Internet giant Junior Companys should be encouraged, she accidentally activates a baby making machine, to create a charming girl and really not justified. Desperate to offer this package of issues before the boss is a smart choice, Tulip Junior and his friend, the only man Stork Mountain, the nation, the first release of their children- And a journey of discovery in the woods, which jedenCałalebih from families who can make an important role in the world and restore storks.

Storks deliver the babies – at least once. Now they have to deliver a package to the global online retail giant. Junior (Andy Samberg), a stork delivery company, landed in hot water plant that attracts children, but when the girl without permission. Desperate to get this package of problems, Junior and his friend Tulip (KatieCrown), on Mount soilikGizon Stork, in his first race against masamelepaskan the child to the boss (Kelsey Grammer) will know before.


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