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Tux Paint is a very popular painting and drawing application, children allowed their first steps in computer-based art! Tux Paint interface is very suitable for children. It is colorful and easy to use and attractive to young people as well. To facilitate this child-conformity, it allows them to select a stored image and improve their miniature cars and repair functions, so there is no problem, even if unintentionally, close the program. ForTux Paint fitter children, dieWerdenpengaturan configuration is displayed in an area totally separate which can not be accessed through the images. You can change some settings to make it accessible to all users. This also applies to pictures Tux Paint interface, use of language and sound effects. From the standpoint of Tux Paint children should be fantastic. It has a set of features – Tux Paint stamps, colors, magic ontwerpeen effects and a variety of features only found inarea brush after all OptionausTools place, but with a little exploring of your child.

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